Wheat Germ Oil


Product Information

  • Volume : 250Ml || 500Ml || 1000Ml || 5Ltr | 10Ltr || 25Ltr
  • Fragrance: Wheat Germ
  • Package Contents: 1
  • Oil Type: Carrier Oil

Wheat Germ Carrier Oil


Wheat Germ Oil Is a Natural Oil That Helps In Purifying The Face Proficiently. It Helps Seal Dampness Back And Furthermore Disposes Of The Overabundance of Sebum, Which Could Prompt Other Skin Issues Like Inflammation, Pimples, And So On. It Doesn’t Clog Pores. Vitamin A, D, And Unsaturated Fats Present In The Wheat Germ Oil Help With Broken, Scarred Skin, Giving It An Even Tone. It Additionally Gives Common Hydration To Skin Being Incredible Wellsprings Of Nutrients-B6, Folic Corrosive And E, Raw Grain Oil Is Said To Go As An Anti- Maturing Specialist For Skin.


Net Volume

10 Litre, 25 Litre, 5 litre, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml


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