Frankincense Natural Solid Perfume


  • Frankincense Natural Solid Perfume is crafted with exclusive handmade blends of Natural Frankincense Essential Oil, Natural herbs & Aromatic compounds blended in premium Beeswax to give a long-lasting fragrance. This Skin-friendly Frankincense Solid Perfume is a warm resinous, earthy, slightly sweet & spicy notes for a soothing experience that enhances emotional balance. It has a deeply relaxing aroma that clears the mind & provides energy cleansing benefits of aromatherapy as well.

Frankincense Natural Solid Perfumes are crafted with special handmade blends of Natural Frankincense Essential oil, Jojoba oil,? Natural herbs & Natural Aromatic compounds blended in premium beeswax to give a long-lasting fragrance. These easy-to-carry premium skin-friendly perfumes are in solid wax form and can be applied anywhere on skin & pulse points as these are made with natural ingredients with no synthetic or chemical compounds, more-over they do provide energy cleansing & mood uplifting benefits of Frankincense as well. You can rub them with hands to get the best effect. We offer a wide range of solid perfumes with over 45 natural fragrances & special luxurious gift packaging.

How to apply

It’s quite easy, really. Use your finger to rub the fragrant wax in a circular manner. The heat & friction will melt the upper layer just a bit for you to be able to get some of the scent on your finger. Lightly dab this on your usual pulse points: wrist, inner arm, base of the collar bone, back of neck and you’re ready to go.

Net Weight

10gm (0.33 fl oz), 6gm (0.20 fl oz), Pack of 2 Perfumes – 4gm each (0.13 fl oz)


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