Soy Wax Candle Making Kit



Arvedikas Soy Wax Candle Making Kit Comes In A Beautiful Giftable Box And Has Lots Of Extras Including Packs Of Soy Wax 500gm, 3 Candle Jars ,3 Fancy Jar 3 Premium Fragrance Oils, 6 Boxes Of Colour 10gm Each, Wicks, ,Droppers, Spoon,

Better Way To Enjoy Some Creative DIY Time With Your Family Than By Making Scented Candles Together, Enjoying Real Quality Time, And Making Beautiful Candles For Decoration Or As Presents For Friends (Gift Individual Candles Or The Whole Kit!)

Too Many DIY Craft Kits End Up Causing Confusion With Missing Or Ambiguous Instructions. Our Scented Candle-Making Kit However Is The Perfect Place For A Beginner Candle Maker To Start. The Instructions Simply Couldn’t Be Easier To Follow.

• Soya Wax-500gm(Is A Great Alternative To Beeswax Because It Has Natural Oils That Also Mix Well With Different Fragrances. Plus, It Burns Cleanly And Is Cheaper Compared To Beeswax.)

• Color For Candle-6 Boxes 10gm Each(Color Is Specifically Designed To Color Your Candles

• Fragrance Oil-3 X 10ml Each(Are A Wonderful Additive To Any Candle, Infusing The Beautiful Aromas Of Flowers, Spices, Foods And Other Pleasant Scents.

• Candle Jar-3(They Are A Nice Alternative To Your Traditional Freestanding Candles, And Look Wonderful Too. They’re Also Extremely Versatile As You Can Use Pretty Much Any Type Of Wax That Is Suitable For Candle Making)

• Fancy Candle Jar-3

• Wicks-( Are Just As Important As Wax , As Without Them We Wouldn’t Be Able To Light Our Candles. Once You Light A Wick Your Candle Wax Will Begin To Melt. With Continued Exposure To The Flame, The Wax Vaporizes And The Wick Disintegrates As It Burns.)

• Spoon-1

• Dropper-3

• Instruction Manual


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