Jasmine Fragrance Oil for Incense Sticks / Agarbatti Perfume


Arvedikas Jasmine Fragrance Oil is a premium scented oil for making Incense Sticks / Incense Cones / Agarbatti Perfume, the premium scent of this fragrance oil is identical to freshly picked Jasmine flowers.? It fills your surroundings with the sweet, intoxicating scent of a blooming jasmine flower as you?d imagine it in an exotic faraway land. This is a DIY Jasmine Fragrance oil for Incense Sticks / Cones making, with pure Jasmine fragrance. You can use this Premium Jasmine Scented Oil for making your own unique incense sticks for personal or commercial use. Just spray this Agarbatti perfume over the unscented raw incense sticks or dip the incense sticks/cones into this oil while making Incense Stick & Cones & feel the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers. The pleasant floral fragrance of Jasmine fragrance oil helps to calm the mind and body, making you stress-free and uplifting your mood.

Net Quantity: 100 ml


Arvedikas Jasmine Fragrance Oil for Incense Sticks / Incense Cones / Best Agarbatti Perfume- 100ml

With the help of this Jasmine Fragrance Oil, you can make your own unique scented incense sticks/cones/candles for your personal use or commercial use for your private label brand.


  • It is premium quality jasmine scented oil for making incense sticks & incense cones.
  • It has been blended with the Jasmine essential oil to give a real fragrance of fresh jasmine petals.
  • It must be used for aroma-purpose only.
  • It can be easily blended with any other scents to create other fragrances.
  • NOTE- We do not recommend it to use on skin or body.


These premium fragrance oils have been formulated by the Perfumery & Aromatherapy Expert & Trainer at Khadi India – Ms Supriya Arora.


Our products are processed in advanced state of art technologies in ISO 9001-2015 , GMP certified facilities adherence to the Industry norms & export quality standards.


We ensure that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals.


We support animal safety & our products are not tested on animals.


We do ensure that a hygienic environment is maintained during each stage of manufacturing, packaging & storing in order to ensure that the products retain their original properties.


This Jasmine scent for incense sticks & incense cones can be used by designers & their artisans for their commercial or personal use, designers & resellers are invited to make wholesale price inquiries for bulk/regular orders by writing us an email at [email protected].

Jasmine Scented Oil / Jasmine Scent / Best Jasmine Agarbatti Perfume / Jasmine Fragrance Oil for Incense Sticks / Incense Cones – 100ml

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